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Special Programs
In additional to professional and personal coaching, we offer five special focused and results-oriented programs:
  • Strategic Time Management Coaching,
  • Leadership Communications Coaching,
  • “Killer” Presentation Skills Coaching,
  • Discovery Coaching Program,
  • Become a Strategic Business Partner: Get There and Stay There Coaching

Strategic Time Management — you will get a clear and detailed picture of how you are spending your time now and proactively plan how you’ll spend it in the future. Using the Strategic Time Evaluator™ evaluation and action planning tool, you’ll develop an individual action plan to significantly increase your personal and professional satisfaction.

Leadership Communications Coaching Program — one-on-one coaching can significantly improve core communications competencies including public speaking, sales communication, relationship building, active listening and conflict management. Especially effective for functional leaders including Information Technology, Engineering/Product Development, and newly-appointed Sales Leaders. This 90-day intensive program drives for fast and effective results.

“Killer” Presentation Coaching – The 5-Minute Killer Presentation helps you prepare, organize and deliver a succinct, engaging and customer-focused presentation – and get the sale. The 5-Minute Killer Presentation formula takes the guesswork out of presentation planning. You’ll focus on Upfront Preparation, Developing the Ask, Message Framework Development, Practice, and Delivery.

Discovery Coaching Program – work one-on-one to “Design Your Extraordinary Work™” and “Design Your Extraordinary Life™”. Gain insight and clarity into your work and personal goals. Coaching sessions focus on areas such as personal and professional engagement, communications skills, time management and goal setting. You’ll develop an action plan, get on track, avoid detours, reward successes and make sure you stay on course.

Become a Strategic Business Partner: Get There and Stay There Coaching Program — quickly and effectively move from a tactical to a strategic role. Learn and apply the key factors to transition to a key member of the leadership team including: time management, prioritization/delegation, interpersonal communications skills, goal setting and leadership competencies. Especially focused on functions including Human Resources, Communications, Information Technology, Engineering and Legal.

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